Glenfarclas 10

Glenfarclas 10

Glenfarclas 10

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Colour: Vibrant straw-gold

Nose: Tempting sherry-sweet malty tones combine with delicate smokiness, releasing subtle spices. Warming the glass reveals honey, vanilla and pear drops. 

Flavour: Delicately light, with a mouth-watering combination of maltiness, smokiness and sherry sweetness. Hints of dried fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves tempt the taste buds further. 

Finish: Long, smooth and spicy, with a delicious, yet delicate, lingering smokiness. 

Comment: Gloriously smooth, yet with the depth and finish you would normally only expect of a much older dram. A wonderfully sherried whisky, and an excellent aperitif.

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United Kingdom


Highlands, Scotland




6 bottles

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