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  • Ancnoc - Peter Arkle 3rd Release

    Ancnoc - Peter Arkle 3rd Release

    The Knockdhu Distillery is a peaceful place but it can be shocking to suddenly come across bright warning signs on the brick walls of the dunnage warehouses:


    A sudden reminder that making anCnoc is a serious business. Powerful forces are at work. Yes you may find yourself laughing with your friends while enjoying a glass but it’s important to note the drama of your dram’s creation. The glass in your hand contains REMARKABLE LIQUID.
    Beware. Handle with care!

  • Baird Saison Sayuri

    Baird Saison Sayuri

  • Benromach Peat Smoke 53 PPM

    Benromach Peat Smoke 53 PPM

    At Benromach small batches of whisky have been produced using the finest malted barley, dried using high levels of peat smoke. Distilled from malted barley with a phenol level of 53ppm this batch of Benromach Peat Smoke has been matured in 1st Fill Bourbon Barrels for many years. The resultant Single Malt is seriously smoky yet it retains the elegance and fruitiness of Benromach.

  • Bowmore - Darkest 15yo

    Bowmore - Darkest 15yo

  • Braided-pinot Gris

    Braided-pinot Gris

  • Brands Cabernet Merlot 1987

    Brands Cabernet Merlot 1987

  • Garage Project- Red Rocks Reserve

    Garage Project- Red Rocks Reserve

    Flash boiled over superheated rocks rich red toffee character created with an ancient brewing method
  • Kilchoman - Machir Bay 2012

    Kilchoman - Machir Bay 2012

  • Penfolds Grange 1988

    Penfolds Grange 1988

  • Smokehead - 18yo

    Smokehead - 18yo

  • Tuatara - Belgian Dubbel

    Tuatara - Belgian Dubbel

  • West Winds 'The Cutlass'

    West Winds 'The Cutlass'

    The West Winds Cutlass is bolstered by an increase in ABV to 50% to take its place amongst the new worldstyles that continue to emerge. Handcrafted, small batch is the key to its delicacy. The introduction of Australian bush tomato pairs up with an increase in coriander seed to produce a headstrong but beautifully aromatic and altogether drinkable gin. For the seasoned gin drinker serve with lots of ice, a splash of premium tonic and a slither of green capsicum.

  • Whisky Taster Pack

    Whisky Taster Pack

    Come with us on our 'Journey Of The Dram'

    Pack Includes 4 x 50ml Bottles

    Bunnahabhain 12yr (Islay)

    Ancoc 12yr (Speyside)

    Glendronach 12yr (Highland)

    Old Pultney 12yr (North Highland)